Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shocking Information on Aspartame - Dangerous Neurotoxin!

Shocking Information on Aspartame - One of the Most Dangerous Neurotoxins Used Daily Since its Approval in 1981 - "World's Worst Research" included falsified reports from lab animals with tumors and death after consumption of chemicals found in MSG, Aspartame, etc.

Evidence indicates aspartame is linked to:
  • Spikes in brain neurological and brain disorders since 1983
  • Increased seizures in patients who had consumed aspartame
This video exposes what is considered the "World's Worst Research" which included false reports on lab animals with tumors and death from consumption of chemicals used in msg and aspartame - a huge coverup deemed criminal by the FDA but unprosecuted due to statute of limitations! Now how is it this organization cannot have better controls over their approval process?! And we're consuming this toxic sweetner every day in gallons of diet soda, and other products.

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