Monday, May 31, 2010

GMO Sugar Beets Now In Your Cereal & Candy!

Urgent: GMO Sugar Beats are now being sent to processing planst to make "sugar". These gmo sugar beets are being used to make the candy you eat and probably the sweetner in your cereal. Get invovled! Contact your food manufacturer now. Ask them to clarify where their sugar or sweetner comes from. Tell them you DO NOT want gmo ingredients in your food!

Here are some photos of sugar beets. In the U.S. about 50% of them are now being genetically engineered. We don't think they are being sold as produce, rather going for sugar production and the making of other ingredients such as xanthan gum. Unfortunately, GMO sugar beets can cross pollinate with other beets and char...d. It's at least some releif to know that beets sold as produce and served in restaurants are non-GMO for now.

We ( recently contacted Kelloggs after some expressed concern that they may be using these gmo sugar beets as sweetner for their cereal. We urge you to do the same. See draft of message below:

Please clarify whether your cereals containing "sugar" are sweetened with genetically modified sugar beets? My public and I will not stand for these gmo sweetners in our food under the guise of "sugar". In response to one of your FAQ's on your website about sugar in your "heart healthy" cereals, only pure sugar is considered healthy in moderation. Sweetners made from genetically modified crops have been proven to have adverse effects on our health and have been proven to change the DNA of those who consume them. Your post is below. Our organizations are standing up to these tactics, getting the word out (with the help of advanced software and media outlets) and will boycott companies that continue to use unhealthy ingredients or try to hide the fact that gmo ingredients are used in their products. I urge you to please take steps to ensure your products DO NOT include any genetically engineered, genetically modified or "biotech" ingredients suchas gmo sugar beets, gmo corn products, etc.

PS. GMO Truth Alliance has support from the following groups:

Breast Cancer Action

Citizens For a GMO Free World

Citizens to Label GMO Food

Demand GMO Labeling!

Do You Know GMO

Greenpeace India

Feeding Blackmail Blog

Fred Burks, US Intelligence Examiner

Healthy & Living

Institute for Responsible Technology

Jeffrey Smith, author of Seeds of Deception & Genetic Roulette

New Healthy Attitude

The Non GMO Project

The Organic & Non-GMO Report

Stay-at-home Mom and organic gardener

Unite Against GMOs in Our Food

Wellness Uncovered / Wellness Uncovered Health Forum

Why is there sugar in your cereals with the "Heart Healthy" claim?

Kellogg is aware of the importance of controlling your diet to lower the risk of heart disease, and we are committed to providing consumers of all ages with wholesome, nutritious products that fit into a heart-healthy lifestyle.

According to the Food and Drug Administration regulations, a food product may use the claim "healthy" if it is low in fat and saturated fat, has less than 480 milligrams of sodium and less than 50 milligrams of cholesterol in a serving, while having 10% or more of the Daily Value of certain other nutrients. There is no criterion for the amount of sugar the product may contain.

Our Kellogg's® Smart Start® Healthy Heart cereals were specially formulated to deliver a good source of soluble fiber from oats to help lower cholesterol. A good source of potassium and low in sodium to help lower blood pressure, they also supply 25% of the Daily Value for folic acid and vitamins B6 and B12, which research studies have shown can help lower the homocysteine levels in the blood - another risk factor for heart disease.

There are 16 grams of sugar per serving in Kellogg's® Smart Start® Healthy Heart cereal, which supplies 64 calories. Sugar is a good source of immediate energy. Currently there is no scientific evidence to link sugar consumption to any chronic disease, like diabetes or heart disease.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Alert - Justice Nominee Kagan Sides With Monsanto!

Alert of the Week

Monsanto & the Supreme Court...
Urge President Obama to Withdraw Elena Kagan's Supreme Court Nomination

Kagan goes to bat for Monsanto

U.S. Solicitor General Elena Kagan, President Obama's pick for the Supreme Court, is the most recent in a long line of pro-biotech Obama appointees.

As Solicitor General, Kagan submitted a friend of the court brief to the Supreme Court in favor of Monsanto's appeal in Monsanto v. Geertson Seed Farms.

Monsanto is trying to get the Supreme Court to force genetically engineered (GE) alfalfa onto the market, despite passionate opposition from organic consumers and farmers, and despite the fact the USDA never did a proper Environmental Impact Statement. Geerston Seed Farms made the case that GE alfalfa would permanently contaminate their GE-free alfalfa seed, prompting a California US District Court to effectively ban Monsanto's GE alfalfa.

As Solicitor General, Kagan is supposed to represent the interests of the American people in matters that come before the Supreme Court. Instead, she went to bat for Monsanto Co.

Take action now! Tell President Obama to nominate a Supreme Court Justice who will stand up to the Monsanto and the biotech lobby and defend organic farming and democracy.

Take Action Now

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What Are They Spraying?! This Will End Organic Food Completely!

If this is not stopped, there will be no more ability to grow organic food. "They" will succeed in controlling the food supply for the world. Do you want aluminum in your water supply? Do you want crops that have been engineered to be aluminum-resistant (aka: GMO crops)? Do you want your grandchildren faced with this?

Visit to help. Share this video and spread the word to everyone you know - before it's too late!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Farm Burger Restaurant - Decatur, GA

Atlanta now has a new option for healthy eats! Can't wait to try one of these healthy burgers!

Food From the Farm Part Two
The pictures speak for themselves. These burgers are special.They are a few selections of a new restaurant in Decatur, Georgia called Farm Burger. Farm Burger serves all grassfed and local beef and farm fresh produce.

By: Fowler Farms
via Facebook Fan Page

Friday, May 21, 2010

Video Footage of Monsanto Plant Shut-Down!

Explosive video - very powerful! If a few European activists can see the reality of what's going on with Monsanto and succeed in shutting down one of their plants, surely we can have an impact here in the states as well! We should learn a lesson from these brave and admiral people who have demonstrated what's important and have confronted Monsanto live and on camera. Way to go!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Monsanto Plant in Europe Shut Down by Activists!

Most exciting news all day!

Monsanto plant shut down in Europe by activists!

Re-posted from

Blockade of Monsanto in the Netherlands

Attention: open in a new window. PDFPrintE-mail

Press Release: Blockade of Monsanto's Bergschenhoek Location in The Netherlands
Verdelg Monsanto

Bergschenhoek, Monday, May 17 - Since 6 o'clock this morning, 50 persons of the action group 'Roundup Monsanto' are blocking both gates of the Monsanto seed company near Rotterdam. 'Roundup Monsanto' wants Monsanto to back out of the seed market, and demands an end to patents on seeds and living organisms. Monsanto and other agro-chemical multinationals are lobbying the Dutch government and the EU for legislative changes that would make it easier for large companies to take control of the seed market and food production.[1]

The blockade is taking place at the former De Ruiter Seeds, acquired by Monsanto in 2008, where research laboratories, offices, greenhouses, and a central storage for seeds and seedlings are to be found.

The chemical company Monsanto has 23% of the worldwide market of commercial seeds in its hands. In the last 5 years, the company has bought up three large internationally active seed companies in the Netherlands: De Ruiter Seeds, Western Seeds, and Seminis. As a result, Monsanto now dominates the world market for vegetable seeds and seedlings. In addition, Monsanto is the market leader in genetically engineered soy, corn, sugar beets, and cotton, and has a large market share in pesticide sales. "Farmers and vegetable growers are becoming increasingly dependent on these big seed companies and patented seeds will make the situation even worse," says Flip Vonk, an organic farm employee present at the action.

Monsanto is a chemical company which has grown large due to the production of pesticides, Agent Orange, and PCBs. [2] After countless scandals revolving around these chemical substances, the company found a new market strategy: development and sales of genetically manipulated crops. These crops are cultivated in enormous monocultures, with excessive use of fertiliser and pesticides. Monsanto represents a destructive model of chemical agriculture.

The current system of agriculture, based on mass import and export, is completely dependent on the consumption of fossil fuels. Chemical agriculture is responsible for a quarter to a third of the release of all the greenhouse gases. Over 80% of the cultivated GMOs are pesticide resistent, the remaining 20% produce insecticide inside the plant. This form of food production is extremely harmful to people, nature, and the climate. Genetical engineering will not contribute any solution to climate change.

Genetic engineering is often presented as a solution to the global food question. But in spite of 15 years of cultivation of genetically manipulated crops, 2009 witnessed a record amount of starvation. GM crops have not increased yields. "The food problem requires completely different solutions. We need to drastically change course, away from large-scale chemical agriculture, towards local food production in harmony with nature, without pesticides and without genetically manipulated crops. A world without Monsanto is a good step in that direction," according to Miranda de Boer from 'Roundup Monsanto'.

The two most important access doors to the Monsanto terrain have been closed off. The action group put up banners with the message "Imagine, monopoly of food, poisonous agriculture, The World according to ... Monsanto", adbusting the company's logo. It has also adjusted the giant cucumber and tomato on the lawn to Monsanto's manipulated reality. Employees and customers are greeted with coffee, tea, and background information on arrival.

to the editors:
action location: Leeuwenhoekweg 52, Bergschenhoek (North of Rotterdam)

[1] For further information about the development of patent law and breeders' rights, consult a press release from A SEED Europe about the subject:

[2] See the film 'The World According to Monsanto'

More background information can be found at:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jason Clay Promoting GMOs???!!!

In response to Jason Clay's article, "Securing a Sustainable Future in Agriculture"

GMO Free World has posted the following on the publishing site as well as on the Facebook Page "Greening of the Great Lakes". You are encouraged to follow suit.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and Genetically Engineered (GEs) foods are NOT the answer. These are the most dangerous things we could ever put in our mouths. I only learned of these tainted products running rampant in our food supply about 3 months ago and am convinced these are the primary root of all my "mysterious" illnesses that have coincidentally emerged over the past decade - from microscopic colitis (diarrhea that must be controlled with medication for the rest of my life) to arrythmias, from temporary balding (female) to hypoglycemia, Raynaud's phenonema to hyperPARAthyroidism requiring surgery to avoid having a stroke. I am only 45 and not obese! None of my specialists can offer any "source" or known reason why I have developed any of these conditions.

I am also convinced these GMOs are the root cause of the sky-rocketing increase in obesity, diabetes (which my dad has and is on kidney dialysis - he has never been overweight and has never been an unhealthy individual prior to about 10 years ago!), ADHD, and numerous other health issues in America and now beyond.

I am especially disappointed, not only with the MEGA FOOD & Pesticide Corporations, such as Monsanto (RoundUp), etc. for pushing the GMO/GE movement; but now I'm extremely dismayed with individuals and organizations such as "ONE" (Bono), Bill Gates, and others for promoting these efforts to feed the world. Are these not intelligent people? Are the short-sighted greedy motives more important than the safety of our children and people all over the world?

Do the research. Check the facts. Check with the scientists who have been "hushed" and mysteriously "dismissed" from their jobs.

Watch "Food, Inc." and "InGREEDients" for starters.

Do your research.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Organic Bytes

Reposted from "Organic Bytes" with permission

Organics, Cancer, Vaccines, Body Care, Raw Milk

#224, May 14, 2010

Health, Justice and Sustainability News
from the Organic Consumers Association

Edited by Alexis Baden-Mayer and Ronnie Cummins

In this issue:

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Quote of the Week

The President's Cancer Panel says that the "risk of environmentally induced cancer has been grossly underestimated," that "nearly 80,000 chemicals [are] on the market in the United States, many of which are ... understudied and largely unregulated," and that "the public remains unaware ... that children are far more vulnerable to environmental toxins and radiation than adults."

The panel says "evidence suggests that some environmental agents may initiate or promote cancer by disrupting normal immune and endocrine system functions. The burgeoning number and complexity of known or suspected environmental carcinogens compel us to act to protect public health, even though we may lack irrefutable proof of harm."

Check out these examples selected from the recommendations:

  • Parents and child care providers should choose foods, house and garden products, play spaces, toys, medicines, and medical tests that will minimize children's exposure to toxins. Ideally, both mothers and fathers should avoid exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals.
  • It is preferable to use filtered tap water instead of commercially bottled water.
  • Exposure to pesticides can be decreased by choosing ... food grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers [translation: organics] and washing conventionally grown produce to remove residues.
  • Exposure to antibiotics, growth hormones, and toxic run-off from livestock feedlots can be minimized by eating free-range meat [translation: don't eat feedlot meat].

-Marion Nestle, professor of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at New York University, and the author of Food Politics, Safe Food, What to Eat, reporting in the Atlantic, May 12, 2010, on a new report from the President's Cancer Panel.

Alert of the Week: Safeguard Organic Standards!

The National Organic Standards Board...

... Votes for Factory-Farmed "Organic" Poultry

As we reported in the last issue of Organic Bytes, the USDA National Organic Program is only loosely enforcing animal welfare rules that require organic poultry farms to allow their birds to have access to the outdoors and "exhibit their natural behaviors." This has resulted in a wide range of farms being certified organic; everything from lush green pastures where hens roam free, scratching in the compost and nibbling greens, to giant sheds with tens of thousands of grain-fed birds that never see the light of day.

At its April 2010 meeting, the National Organic Standards Board had an opportunity to reform organic chicken and egg production by outlawing a synthetic feed supplement called methionine that confinement poultry producers have used as a crutch to help them scale up and keep costs down.

Unfortunately, despite thousands of letters from organic consumers who understand the nutritional and environmental benefits of pasture-based organic systems and are concerned about animal welfare and synthetics in organic, the NOSB voted to keep methionine on the list of allowed synthetics.

Tell the USDA: Stop Factory-Farmed "Organic" Poultry!

... Delays Action on Nanotechnology

For the third meeting in a row, the NOSB postponed a vote on a recommendation to exclude nanotechnology from organic.

Tell the USDA: Keep Nanotechnology Out of Organic!

... and Approves List of Non-Organic Ingredients for Use in Organic Foods

What? The hops in my organic beer wasn't grown organically? The casings of my organic sausage didn't come from organic beef or pork? That's right, the National Organic Program keeps a list of a few non-organic ingredients that can be used in foods labeled "USDA Organic" if they aren't "commercially available."

Currently, hops and sausage casings are on the list. Why? Well, Peak Organic and Organic Valley apparently don't want to go to the trouble of sourcing these ingredients organically.

Despite pleas from the American Hop Growers Association and organic beef and pork producers who insist that organic hops and organic sausage casings are commercially available, the NOSB voted to keep them on the list of conventional ingredients allowed in organic.

Organic Valley (along with Whole Foods, Earthbound Farms, Campbell Soup and General Mills) has a representative on the National Organic Standards Board, who voted in favor of keeping non-organic casings on the list.

Tell the USDA: Organic Means Organic! No More Conventional Hops or Sausage Casings!


Please Donate, And We'll Send You a "Millions Against Monsanto" Bumpersticker

OCA Needs Your Help to Fight Monsanto and Spread the Organic Revolution

OCA and our international network of organic consumers and farmers understand that we have a positive life-affirming solution for the global food, health, and climate crisis: organic food, farming, and ranching. But to get out our all-important message we need your support. Please send us a tax-deductible donation today. All donations this week will receive a Millions Against Monsanto bumpersticker! Please donate and write "Monsanto Sticker" in the comments field to receive your sticker.

The USDA National Organic Program...

... Refuses to Curb Organic Fraud in the Health & Beauty Aisle

Miles McEvoy, National Organic Program director, announced that the USDA would not act on a November 2009 NOSB recommendation to "Solve the Problem of Mislabeled Organic Personal Care Products."

Nevertheless, because of action by informed consumers like you, OCA's Coming Clean Campaign to pressure the fakers to remove false organic claims from their products (or get certified organic), is continuing to have an impact. This week, Sapien joined JASON and Kiss My Face in agreeing to remove front-label organic claims from products that aren't certified organic.

Tell the USDA to Stop Organic Fraud in the Health & Beauty Aisle!

Almost Up to 35,000 Facebook Fans!

Wow, you all are really great! You've been super OCA Facebook Fans! Last week, you put us over 32,000 "Likes." You even write sweet things on our wall like, "VERY interesting website...please read!! Go GREEN!"

Please help us reach our goal of 35,000 Facebook fans. If you're on Facebook, become a fan, recommend us to your friends on Facebook, and join the discussion! Our fans are smart and witty! The best example of that this week was Rod's post: "Chemo-agriculture today, chemo-therapy tomorrow."

More Good News: GMO Vaccines Aren't Allowed in Organic - Yet

In November 2009, over the objection of thousands of organic consumers, the NOSB voted to recommend to the USDA that the National Organic Program allow all genetically modified vaccines to be used in organic without any review. Currently, genetically modified vaccines are the one exception to the exclusion of GMOs from organic, but each GMO vaccine must be petitioned for use individually and be reviewed by the NOSB, which may grant or deny the petition. At the Spring 2009 NOSB meeting, National Organic Program staff admitted that GMO vaccines were being widely used on organic animals, although none had been specifically allowed as required by law, and encouraged the NOSB to change the rule to reflect the status quo. The NOSB did so, but the National Organic Program is hesitant to implement the recommendation. NOP director Miles McEvoy said that he would seek a legal review of the proposal before proceeding.

There is still a chance to keep GMO out of organic! Take action now!

Video of the Week: The Boston Teat Party, a Raw Milk Drink-In - Complete With Cow - on Boston Common

On Monday, the Organic Consumers Association helped host a celebration of the right to drink healthy raw milk. (Putting our much-loved veganic members aside, if you're going to drink milk, it should be organic and better yet pastured not pasteurized!) We joined Suzanne the cow and about two-hundred raw milk enthusiasts on Boston Common to raise our glasses of raw milk in a toast to liberty, justice, the right of dairy farmers to earn a good living, and the right of consumers to drink super-nutritious, pasture-raised raw milk.

There was tons of media coverage of the event, including pictures, video and radio.

May 17 - 23, 2010 is Hemp History Week

Between now and the end of May, a group of OCA allies including Vote Hemp and Dr Bronner's Magic Soaps will be celebrating the history of hemp farming at local events across the country in a show of support for American farmers who want the right to grow industrial hemp. Hemp History Week will feature educational events exposing our rich American history of hemp farming and hemp products. A selection of modern hemp products will be available and supporters can sign and send postcards urging President Obama and Attorney General Holder to change our federal policy to allow American farmers to once again grow industrial hemp.

Little Bytes

Genetically Modified Foods: More Reason to Avoid Them; Why They Threaten Organic Agriculture

Dmitry Orlov on Why the US is Headed Toward Soviet-Style Collapse

Organic Practices can Feed the World

Obama's State Department Pledges to Step Up Its Cheerleading for Monsanto and GMOs

Root Cause of the Oil Spill: Out-of-Control Corporations and Public Officials

Women are Quietly Leading the Food and Farming Revolution in America


GA - Get Involved Locally

  • Learn more about OCA related action alerts and other news in GA here.
  • Join GA discussion groups in our forum.
  • Post events in GA on our community calendar.

Message from our Sponsors

Eden Foods Offers OCA Customers 15% Discount

Eden Foods is one of the few national organic food producers who goes beyond the USDA Organic Standards. Although Eden Foods is USDA certified, their products do not bear the USDA seal, because they say the USDA standard really represents a "minimum standard" that Eden Foods goes far beyond.

As a subscriber to Organic Bytes, you can enjoy a 15% discount rate on any Eden Foods products by going here.

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Genetically Modified Food Introduces Host of Dangers!

From - Interesting Article!

Genetically modified food introduces host of dangers

Sen. Richard Lugar’s (R-Ind.) bill touting genetically modified (GM) foods is emblematic of well-meaning leaders who have been duped by the biotech industry about safety – yet again. The Lugar-Casey Food Security Bill states foreign aid shall be used to conduct research on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) without offering other options. It is time that Congress holds hearings to learn what lobbyist won’t tell them about what’s in their children’s diet.

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) cites horrific results of GMO animal feeding studies, including infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, organ damage and gastrointestinal disorders. AAEM called for an immediate moratorium and asks physicians to prescribe non-GMO diets to all patients.

How did these high-risk products get in our food? Under the false impression that GMOs would increase U.S. exports, the Bush Administration instructed the FDA to fast-track approvals. The agency dutifully allowed GMOs onto our plates without a single required safety study or label. They justified their position claiming GM foods were not significantly different, but a 1998 lawsuit exposed this ruse. Subpoenaed FDA documents revealed the actual consensus among their scientists was that GMOs could lead to allergies, toxins, diseases and nutritional problems.

It’s time for our leaders, and the public, to know the whole story.

Jeffrey M. Smith, Executive Director of the Institute for Responsible Technology, Fairfield, Iowa

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Big Die Off: Rate of Extinction Now a Thousand Times Faster

The Big Die Off: Rate of Extinction Now a Thousand Times Faster

Sunday, May 9, 2010

GMO Free Fastest Growing Retailer Brand Claim

OK, this is good and bad. Gotta stay on top of what people are claiming on their brands... got thankfully the word is getting out! Keep spreading the word.

Take the Roundup Replacement Challenge. See link above.

Bayer Admits GMO Contamination Out of Control

Thursday, April 15, 2010 by: David Gutierrez, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Drug and chemical giant Bayer AG has admitted that there is no way to stop the uncontrolled spread of its genetically modified crops.

"Even the best practices can't guarantee perfection," said Mark Ferguson, the company's defense lawyer in a recent trial.

Two Missouri farmers sued Bayer for contaminating their crop with modified genes from an experimental strain of rice engineered to be resistant to the company's Liberty-brand herbicide. The contamination occurred in 2006, during an open field test of the new rice, which was not approved for human consumption. According to the plaintiffs' lawyer, Don Downing, genetic material from the unapproved rice contaminated more than 30 percent of all rice cropland in the United States.

"Bayer was supposed to be careful," Downing said. "Bayer was not careful and that rice did escape into our commercial rice supplies."

The plaintiffs alleged that in addition to contaminating their fields, Bayer further harmed them financially by undermining their export market. When the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced the widespread rice contamination, important export markets were closed to U.S. producers. A report from Greenpeace International estimates the financial damage of the contamination at between $741 million and $1.3 billion.

Bayer claimed that there was no possible way it could have prevented the contamination, insisting that it followed not only the law but also the best industry practices. The jury disagreed, finding Bayer guilty of carelessness in handling the genetically modified crops. The company was ordered to pay farmers Kenneth Bell and Johnny Hunter $2 million.

"This is a huge victory, not only for Kenny and me, but for every farmer in America who was harmed by Bayer's LibertyLink rice contamination," Hunter said.

According to Hunter, the company got "the wake-up call they deserved."

Bayer is still being sued by more than 1,000 other farmers from Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

Sources for this story include:;

FWP, Monsanto Settle Big Creek Suit

"LEWISTOWN — Crop biotechnology giant Monsanto agreed to settle with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks for $5 million in a claim that toxic polychlorinated biphenyls it manufactured decades ago still are contaminating fish in Big Spring Creek near Lewistown."

-Karl Puckett, Tribune Staff Writer, April 27, 2010
Great Falls Tribune,
Great Falls, Montana

Sadly, this isn't the first or last story of contamination and destruction resulting from companies like Monsanto.

New Studies Expose Potential Risk of GMO Trees

New Studies Expose Potential Risk of GMO Trees

EU to Boost GM Crop Cultivation

Paper Reveals EU Plan to Boost GM Crop Cultivation

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Good News for Canada

Canada Bans Nanotechnology in Organics!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Video Available on Daily Motion!

YouTube pulled the video interview with Jeffrey Smith on the dangers of GMOs, but currently has it up on their site! :-) Spread the word fast!

YouTube Censors Video Interview about GMOs

YouTube censors video interview with Jeffrey Smith about GMOs

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Within hours after posting our video interview with Jeffrey Smith, creator of Seeds of Deception and author of Genetic Roulette, YouTube pulled the video. Attempts to play the video are now met with the following message: "This video has been removed due to terms of use violation."

That is, of course, an outright lie.

This video features myself (the Health Ranger) talking with Jeffrey Smith about the health dangers of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) at the recent Health Freedom Expo. NaturalNews staff filmed the segment, and we used intro music legally licensed from a music production company. There was no violation of the YouTube terms of agreement.

There was, however, some straightforward discussion about the dangers of genetically modified foods. Jeffrey Smith ( explained in the video how GM foods have been proven in animal studies to damage internal organs, cause infertility problems and increase rates of death among those who consume such foods.

This was all just too much for YouTube to handle, apparently. The truth isn't welcome on YouTube. While the network can host any number of idiotic videos in the form of street fights, traffic accidents, personal video blogs and profanity-filled flame wars, it has no ability to stomach the simple truth that GMOs are dangerous for your health.

The YouTube agenda exposed

Let there be no question about the YouTube agenda. Owned by Google, this video network is playing right into the hands of the big corporate agenda in America -- an agenda that demands consumers be kept in the dark about the dangers of GMOs.

U.S. government representatives, in fact, are right now attempting to force a new global rule at the CODEX meetings taking place this very week. They're trying to outlaw all "no GMOs" labeling and food claims, thereby making it illegal for a food company to tell consumers that its products are non-GMO. (

NaturalNews to launch its own UNCENSORED video network

This YouTube censorship is one of the main reasons why we at NaturalNews have decided to launch our own uncensored video network.

The network is under development and will be launched this June. To learn more about the upcoming NaturalNews video network, read this story:

The video interview with Jeffrey Smith will be re-launched on our own video network where the whole world will soon be able to hear what Jeffrey Smith had to say about GMOs that YouTube desperately wants to silence.

It's all coming soon here on

(Reposted from

US Attempting Global Censorship of GMO Food Labels

URGENT! US attempting global censorship of GMO's

YouTube Censors GMO Interview with Jeffery Smith!
See the uncensored video on

Monday, May 3, 2010

Food Inc's Robert Kenner

What goes into the meat that's going to the National School Lunch Program?
Bonnie Hunt interview's "Food, Inc.'s" Robert Kenner.

GMO News

"Activists want GM food labeled at upcoming Codex meeting"

"Bill Gates Funding Geoengineering Research" - Money Talks

"Conflict of Interest: Ex Monsanto Lawyer, Clarence Thomas to Hear Monsanto Case" - Unbelievable!


This blog is dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers of genetically modified foods (GMO's) and the spiraling effects they are having on the world. Become informed. Stop the madness.