Saturday, January 29, 2011

Outrage Pours In After USDA Approves GE Alfalfa Deregulation!

Thursday the USDA announced alfalfa would become deregulated thus allowing genetically engineered alfalfa to grow alongside organic and non-ge alfalfa.  By Friday night, their Facebook Page had over 171 comments - all of which were expressing GRAVE DISAPPOINTMENT and DISAPPROVAL of the decision.  What will it take for our government to take seriously the dangers of GMO's?  Please continue to visit the USDA page and post your opposition.!/USDA/posts/189844441034999

Also, pick up the phone and call the 3 key contacts responsible for this action - Tom Vilsack, President Obama, and Monsanto.  We must let our voices be heard.  It may be the weekend, but we will not forget about this by Monday.  Call, call call, post, post, post... 

202-720-3631 TOM VILSACK
202-456-1111 OBAMA
314-694-1000 MONSANTO

Several have also mentioned a class action law suit and are currently in the process of seeking out attorneys.  Keep the pressure on!