Tools to Inform

Update:  June 05, 2010 - As promised, we are pulling out all the stops to spread the word about the dangers of GMOs.  This morning we ran a campaign through our software, and as you can see in the snapshot below, our news item is on the 1st page of Google already!  Ranked #2 out of 213,000! 

To rapidly get the word out, the links below are for software that you can use to increase web traffic, automate your social media efforts and maximize your RSS feeds.  We encourage you to use these tools if you so desire to help bring attention to these all imporant issue and raise awareness about GMOs.  You can use the software free for 7 days - no strings.  Or contact us using the blog contact link for individual help.

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Badass RSS Feeds

We had not planned to use this site to promote these tools but have found there is a sense of urgency in getting the word out about GMOs.  We are pulling out all the stops to accomplish this mission.  So these tools are now at your disposal to maximize the impact we can have on the world.

WE MUST NOT LET THE CORPORATE GREED of Monsanto and agribusiness continue to take over the world's food supply and continue reighning terror on humanity!
Silent Marketing - Encourage others' curiosity - Invite them to ask about genetically modified organisms!

Non-GMO Shopping Tote - Made from certified organic cotton twill