Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jason Clay Promoting GMOs???!!!

In response to Jason Clay's article, "Securing a Sustainable Future in Agriculture"

GMO Free World has posted the following on the publishing site as well as on the Facebook Page "Greening of the Great Lakes". You are encouraged to follow suit.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and Genetically Engineered (GEs) foods are NOT the answer. These are the most dangerous things we could ever put in our mouths. I only learned of these tainted products running rampant in our food supply about 3 months ago and am convinced these are the primary root of all my "mysterious" illnesses that have coincidentally emerged over the past decade - from microscopic colitis (diarrhea that must be controlled with medication for the rest of my life) to arrythmias, from temporary balding (female) to hypoglycemia, Raynaud's phenonema to hyperPARAthyroidism requiring surgery to avoid having a stroke. I am only 45 and not obese! None of my specialists can offer any "source" or known reason why I have developed any of these conditions.

I am also convinced these GMOs are the root cause of the sky-rocketing increase in obesity, diabetes (which my dad has and is on kidney dialysis - he has never been overweight and has never been an unhealthy individual prior to about 10 years ago!), ADHD, and numerous other health issues in America and now beyond.

I am especially disappointed, not only with the MEGA FOOD & Pesticide Corporations, such as Monsanto (RoundUp), etc. for pushing the GMO/GE movement; but now I'm extremely dismayed with individuals and organizations such as "ONE" (Bono), Bill Gates, and others for promoting these efforts to feed the world. Are these not intelligent people? Are the short-sighted greedy motives more important than the safety of our children and people all over the world?

Do the research. Check the facts. Check with the scientists who have been "hushed" and mysteriously "dismissed" from their jobs.

Watch "Food, Inc." and "InGREEDients" for starters.

Do your research.



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