Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Don't Forget to Vote Today! Where does your candidate stand on GMOs?

Today is election day for some of the primaries. We contacted several elected officials and politicians currently seeking public office in Georgia to find out their position on GMOs. Below are the ones we have heard from:

Candidate Darwin Carter - Running for GA Agriculture Commissioner

"I think the more we engineered things we put in our food the worse it is for us. I think each school system should buy local, if possible and at least state wide local. I think our state government should... only buy local. Give me a call if you would like to talk."


Senator Saxby Chamblis

Mr. Chambliss responded to our inquiry. He, on the other hand, is pro-gmo and does not support mandatory labeling of gmo foods. We find this very discouraging.


*We know GM crops have NOT been thoroughly tested before entering human food supply, and we have evidence showing the dangers of these crops. Unfortunately, we cannot rely on some of our current elected officials to look out for our best interests and must commit to supporting and electing leaders who will.

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  1. This simply proves how ignorant(or to be kind, woefully unaware) some of the one hundred men and women sitting in the higher chamber of congress can be.

    "exhaustive safety tests"-carried out by the very same people that are counting on making a buck from getting approval for moving their product to market, the sooner, the more more bucks.So just 'exhaustive' should we presume these tests to be; and how much, in the light of the recent BP debacle in the Gulf, should we continue to rely on industry repoorts that say the industry is safe and poses no risk to the citizenry or environment before we demand third party verification?