Saturday, July 10, 2010

Report on Agave - Is It Good or Bad For You?

There are some very confusing reports and opinions on the health effects of agave as a sweetner lately. Many nutrionists claim agave is the way to go while one of our most respected resources will advise caution when considering agave. For a detailed explanation on these findings, the following report from the owner of Gnosis Chocolate describes how most forms of agave are potentially worse than high fructose corn syrup, but when processed correctly, agave can be a great alternative to sugar and other sweetners.

*Disclaimer - This site does not receive compensation from either resource mentioned in these reports. We respect the opinions of both Dr. Mercola, (osteopathetic physician and best-selling author) and Vanessa Barg (President and Raw Chocolatier of Gnosis Chocolate). Our intent is to provide informative resources for you to make an educated and informed choice in your health and nutrition - especially in an effort to avoid genetically modified organisms.

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