Thursday, June 3, 2010

British FSA Member Resigns - Brian Wynne Interview

5-min. interview (audio recording) with Prof. Brian Wynne about his recent resignation from the British Food Standards Agency (FSA): 'Food agency 'promotes GM.'' Candid comments about the real agenda of the Food Standards Agency. Truth Exposed!
BBC News - Today - Food agency 'promotes GM'

It seems the majority of the countries around the globe are waking up to the facade the GMO-pro groups have been pushing, but not here in the states.

Wake up America!

We are the most obese and unhealthy country in the world now, thanks to these genetically modified foods produced in our very own back yard. Are we that ignorant? Are we that blind to think everyone else is wrong and we are right? The corruption and lies must stop. We must stand up to the FDA, the USDA and any other entity designed to monitor and evaluate food for our safety if they are not doing the jobs they are being paid to do. It is time to put an end to the biotech propaganda and destruction our nutrition.

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  1. Update: Excerpt from article from the Guardian ( on June 6th

    "Two members who sit on the FSA's steering group have resigned in protest. Dr Helen Wallace, director of Genewatch UK, a scientific pressure group opposed to GM, stepped down last month. Last week, the group's vice-chairman, Professor Brian Wynne, an expert on public engagement with science, resigned, complaining that the FSA had adopted a "dogmatically entrenched", pro-GM attitude."